How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here?

I had a feeling when I started grad school that I would meet someone very special, someone to share many adventures with. I first met Lisa when she visited Miami University for a quick trip as a prospective grad student, where I was already in my first year.

Fast forward a few months and on one of the first nights out in Oxford, we drunkingly shook hands in the agreement that we would do fun stuff since we were young and loved to have fun. This handshake sparked a year of strong friendship and growing romantic feelings. Eventually, I finally got the courage to ask Lisa out and the rest is history as they say. Our shared passions and enthusiasm for exploration has created a very strong bond.

After graduate school, I had a one-year internship with the National Park Service in New York City. After Lisa graduated, she moved to Washington DC for an internship with a geographic education non-profit. We would visit each other about twice a month during the summer and fall.

When we finished our internships, we both decided to move to my hometown of Cleveland to finally be in the same place and to find jobs. Before we knew each other, we both were interested in teaching English abroad and had both put that idea on the back burner. We made a pact that we if we could not find a decent job by October 2015 we would teach abroad together.

We were not having luck with employment and in April we just decided to finally pursue our previous desires to teach abroad, but where? After doing a lot of research, I came to the decision that Thailand would be the best place for us. One night, I stayed up real late and wrote a very lengthy message to Lisa describing why I feel like we should go to Thailand. To my amazement she instantly said yes the following morning.

We applied to teach in Thailand through Greenheart Travel, an amazing company which we highly recommend and their partner company XploreAsia!

After spending a month in Hua Hin completing out TESOL course, we moved to Thung Yao, a small town in Trang Province with a population < 6000 people. The town itself was a great place but we were not happy with our schools and made to the move to Trang Town, an hour away.

And now here we are, living in Trang, teaching English and regretting nothing. Life is easy and simple here, we are happy here, we love it here.





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Peace and Love
Michael and Lisa