A Day in Kuala Lumpur

During our summer break travels we were fortunate enough to spend 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur! If you are heading to Bali from southern Thailand its a great (and cheaper) way to travel there as you can either fly to KL or take the night train from Hat Yai! KL is a great place to stop amidst your Southeast Asian travels. We loved spending time there and already can’t wait to go back.

You can also watch our video on KL HERE!

First stop: Batu Caves

     Head to KL Sentral and on the main level you can purchase tickets at the Komuter stand. Trains run about every 15-25 minutes and cost 2RM. Take the train all the way to Batu. Trains are extremely clean and you can get some great views of the city on your ride there. The ride takes about 20-30 minutes. The caves are right outside of the train station and consist of three sections. Due to time and money we opted to just do the main section. For those who are unfamiliar with the Batu Caves, it is one of the holiest places in the world for Hinduism. You will see many people visiting for religious purposes and just for fun.

A giant statue (which is the largest in Malaysia), of Lord Murugan stands outside the entrance to the main cave.  Take the 300ish steps up into the caves to see small shrines and beautiful limestone. However, watch out for the monkeys, they will try their hardest to take your food and water. On a clear day you can get great views of KL or so we’ve been told. Currently, due to the extreme heat in the area massive wildfires have been occurring, layering the city in a thick smoke.

* There are two other caves you may hike including one that takes you deep into the cave to see  more formations and animals if you are staying in KL longer!

Second Stop: Merdeka Square

     Hop back on the train and head over to Merdeka Square. There you can see many historic buildings and the famous and beautiful Mosque along the way there. Merdeka Square, also known as Independence Square, is the location where the Union Flag was lowered for the last time. It’s a beautiful area to walk around or just relax on the large grassy area and take in the old and new sites of KL.

Third Stop: KL City Gallery

     Steps away from Merdeka Square you can take an iconic I love KL picture and head into this lovely museum. Tickets cost 5RM, but you actually get a coupon for 5RM to use at the cafe and gift shop at the end of your tour. The museum is small, but a great place to go if you are unfamiliar with the history of KL. They also show an unbelievable light show about how the city is growing tremendously. Seriously, KL is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and just keeps adding on the incredible skyscrapers that showcase it’s skyline.


 Fourth Stop: Central Market

     Not far from the City Gallery  is the Central Market an inside and outside market with an Art Deco style. It hosts a variety of shops and food stands ( including some amazing looking Indian Food). It’s also a great place to hideout when a storm hits the city (Unfortunately, we got trapped there for a while)!

Fifth Stop: Jalan Alor

      Walk through China Town and some other fun parts of the city and you will find Jalan Alor, an AMAZING street full of tons of street food.This street was mentioned in all of the travel guides and while it was nice to see, we heard there is a better street with tons of street carts that locals frequent (of course we can’t remember the name). It reminded me a lot of Penang, but larger and a couple RM more. There we could not help but get our favorite Wanton Mee. Cost 8RM.

 Sixth Stop: Petronas Towers

      There are so many ways to get to a nice spot to see the towers. We walked over to the Pavilion Mall where you can take their sky walk way to the towers. Head down to the bottom of the towers and hangout with what feels like everyone else in the city. By going at night you not only get to see a wonderful water show, but get beautiful photos and a glimpse at the nearby and even taller KL tower.

 Seventh and Final Stop: KL Sentral

     Since we were taking the train at midnight and a bit exhausted from the day we decided to head back to the train station. There we were able to treat ourselves to 2RM AMAZING Indian Roti and a 1RM lychee ice cream from McDonalds! Not long after we headed off to Hat Yai. For those taking this train ride be sure to bundle up as it was the coldest train ride yet!

 Link to our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Cq84jFhHH4



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