Thai Desserts: Part 1

There are so many amazing and delicious foods throughout Thailand, particularly desserts! Here is just a glimpse at some of these incredible sweets!

Before Thailand, Michael was not a big dessert lover, however much to his dismay and of course his enjoyment he had developed quite the sweet tooth. It has yet to match Lisa’s but we both definitely indulge in dessert most days.

-Found all over, but is large part of Southern Thai cuisine

-Typically filled with an egg, and/or fruit but can also be filled with meat (non-pork). Additional toppings often include chocolate, Ovaltine, Milo, and/or Nutella

-Served with sugar, condensed milk, tomato sauce and/por chilli sauce

-15-50 baht depending on location

Thai Crepes

-Found in most towns at local stands and markets

-Can choose between sweets and some meats as fillings/toppings

-Different then typical crepe, usually large and very crunchy, some can be soft though

-15-30 Baht


-Thai’s love their doughnuts! Donuts are found everywhere

-Our favorite are the large white ones filled with custard

-Price may vary depending on size and type, usually 10-35 baht depending on location and stall


-Found at most markets and hip cafes

-One of our favorite at the local market in Thung Yao is stuffed with coconut, but there are other options as well

-3-10 Baht for locally made waffle, 40-50 bht for Hong Kong style waffle, 30-50+ bht for cafe waffle that comes with fruit and ice cream


Waffle from local place in Lipong!


Amazing waffle from Snack Cafe in Trang with fresh fruit, chocolate, oreos and strawberry ice cream!


Hong Kong Waffle stuffed with bananas and chocolate chips from the Weekend Market in Trang


Trang Cake

-Speciality in Trang, can be found throughout the town

-Wide variety of flavors, a popular option is the three flavor cake: Orange, Coffee and Chocolate

-30-75 baht depending on bakery

-When you see Thais leaving Trang, they always have boxes upon boxes with them